Want to start a drop shipping business in India but don’t have any idea where to begin? Alright, don’t over think about it. We know firsthand that establishing it can be difficult. But, if things get right, you may get massive advantages. The aim of this article to furnish you some valuable insight into what it’s going to take to begin your drop shipping business prosperously.

In our present era, drop shipping businesses are the latest trends in online shopping and retailing business area. It is one kind of selling method where the retailer does not sell stock goods. 

In the real world, the retailer provides a catalog of products to show to the customers. On the internet, an online store connects the customers and the wholesalers. 

However, in both cases, the drop shipper tries to sell the goods while acting as a liaison between the manufacturers or wholesalers and the customers. 

Why start a drop shipping business in India?

Drop shipping in India is a fabulous and the affordable approach for new entrepreneurs to begin an e-commerce business. It enables a businessperson to sell products online without having to carry inventory or ship out products making it a low-risk company model for those just starting.

1.    Choose an ideal supplier

As we know, there are a large number of suppliers available now. So, choosing one seller for your store is one of the most crucial tasks. If you are doing business with an incorrect supplier, it may ruin your business. Therefore, it is essential you never rush this measure. 

In India, there are a large number of suppliers have started to drop shipping for the sellers. But, not all of them provide the value that you should look for in a supplier.

 So, it is a difficult task in India as you can find some of them to be fraudulent as well. To choose your supplier, you must look at below-mentioned signs of caution:

  • Make sure you check what delivery time does the supplier promises. To stand out from other similar stores, you must provide a fast shipping service to the client. 
  • Your supplier can change you in several ways. They may ask you for a one-time setup fee in the starting and then per order, which describes that the supplier is reliable. 
  • Is your supplier provided white-label products for your clients? White-label products mean that the product will be made and packaged under your brand name. It is an elf point for you because your client will require the product to be coming from your wares with the details of your brand only.

2.    Know what to sell

To start drop shipping business in India, you must decide what to sell.

Step 1: What if you choose perfect products as per your preference but cannot find the right supplier in India? On the other hand, if you find a supplier, you need to go through the process of examining them to recognize if they suit your brand. 

Step 2: So, if you fix your supplier, peruse their product and communicate with them to find the best-selling products they have. As per their recommendations and your interests, check for the same products on other online stores such as Flipkart. View the various varieties available on, the description, pricing, and the product image. You’ll have a much better idea about which product to start. 

3.    Setting up GSTIN

GST has changed the way business is led. If your company is registered, provide your GSTIN to the supplier for all the transactions so that you can claim the input credit later. In case, if you’re not a company, you can effortlessly do the drop shipping business in India. Complete knowledge about GST details may save your time on legal issues later on. 

So, take the first period for giving changes and enhancing your options and plans. Indeed, you will hit the spot and make your drop shipping business productive.

4.    Develop your ecommerce website

The quickest way to launch a website that supports a drop shipping business model is to use a simple ecommerce platform, for instance, Shopify. You don’t need a tech background to get up and running, and it has a lot of apps that support you to enhance sales.

In case, if you have a reasonable budget that would enable to hire a web development and design company to build a custom solution, it’s a much smarter move to utilize one of the plug-and-play options, especially in origin. 

Once you develop a website and the revenue is coming in, then you can search for further website customization.

5.    Make a customer acquisition plan

Do you have a fabulous product and website? Well, that’s great. But you must have customer acquisition as well. There are various methods to bring potential customers, but the most efficient option is to start a Facebook ad campaign.

It enables you to make sales and income best from the start, which can add to quick scaling. Also, Facebook lets you to place your proposal directly in front of an extremely targeted audience. It renders you the ability to contend with the biggest brands and retailers quickly.

6.    Analyze and optimize

You must track all the data and metrics possible to enhance your business. It includes Facebook conversion pixel data as well as Google Analytics traffic if that is your primary customer acquisition channel. 

When you can track every single conversion to know where the client started from and what way they used on your website that ultimately led to a sale. Also, it lets you to scale what works and discard what doesn’t.

What are the advantages of drop shipping business?

Low startup cost

One of the best things about drop shipping is that you don’t need to spend extra cost while managing a successful drop shipping business. Also, you don’t need to deal with managing a warehouse or purchasing inventory or paying rent as well. 

The foremost thing that you need is a good internet connection and a laptop to start with e-commerce venture.

Easily add a wide range of products

You can effortlessly add a large number of products to your ecommerce website because you don’t need physically have the item with you or build an inventory in advance. 

Once you understand the demand, you can get it delivered to your client.

Quickly be scaled up

It is effortless because you don’t have to keep stock in your warehouse. In case, if you get double the current order in the upcoming months, you don’t need to work extra difficult to get everything settled. 

Because everything will have to be done by the drop shipping supplier so, it is simple for you to manage fast growth in sales if you have this sort of business model.

Wrapping it up

So, are you ready to originate your drop shipping business that can get you loads of profit without investing too much?

But, your business may or may not grow instantly, so be patient. Always take the first period for experimenting and giving developing your plans. Surely, you will beat the spot and make your drop shipping business effective.